Upcoming litter nr.2, 2019:

Pedigree of upcoming litter nr.2, 2019, click on the link below: 


Inavelsgrad 0% i 5 generationer. 


Mother of litter 2, 2019. To be born around 2019-07-20. This is Gold Dust Pinkie Pie, called Pella. She is over 3 years old and will now have her first litter. The proud father is my own Mano Sansonete SImply Royal, Frazze. The above picture is from when she was 5 mouths old, I had no good picture of her as an adult right now, it will come.

Father of upcoming litter 19-07-20, Mano Sansonete Simply Royal, Frazze. He is sired by World Winner 2016, multichampion SIprex Pascal x International champion Circus Magicus Galatea.

Upcoming litter nr.3, 2019:

Pedigree of upcomping litter nr.3, between Creme Anglaises Belle Epoque x Roccobaroccos Quadhi: 


 Inavelsgrad 3,81 % i 5 generationer.

Mother of litter 3, 2019. Will be born around 19-01-20. Creme Anglaise Belle Epoque mother of litter pictured above. Importerad Holland.

Mother of litter when she was a puppy. Creme Anglaise Belle Epoque, Belle.

Mother of litter when she was a puppy.

Mother of litter: Creme Anglaise Belle Epoque, Belle.

Father of litter nr.3, 2019: Roccobaroccos Quadhi, he has several CC:s and is Copenhagen winner 2018, Dk junior champion and much more.

Roccobaroccos Quadhi, called Qadhi is a very kind and loving boy with a wonderful temperament and a very nice pedigree and has won several CC:s (CERT) in Denmark, Belgien and Germany. He is on his way to become champion and is already Junior Champion and Copenhagen winner 2018.